Voto LatinoDML Competition

What does it mean to have an Institutional Affiliation?

An institutional affiliation means you have a formal connection with a nonprofit, sponsoring university, or place of employment that has agreed to be the legal recipient of the grant and to administer the funding and official paperwork on behalf of the primary applicant. Institutions must complete legal paperwork provided by Voto Latino in order to confirm their commitment to administer the grant.

Simply being a student or employee does not count as an institutional affiliation for the purposes of the Challenge without the express commitment from the institution to administer the grant.

The affiliated institution must:

  • Have legal status to operate
  • Agree to be legally responsible for meeting the grant terms and conditions, including receiving and administering financing
  • Be willing and capable of fully supporting and implementing the project if it is selected for funding

Applicants may be sponsored by or affiliated with any institution, organization or entity that has legal status to operate, regardless of its size or the sector it operates in.

Examples of institutions/organizations might include:

  • Educational institutions such as community colleges, four-year colleges or universities
  • Nonprofit organizations with a 501(c) status
  • Small and large businesses (for-profit organizations). However, the proposed tech tool must be free to download and/or use by everyone.
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • After-school and summer programs

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