Voto LatinoDML Competition

What are the requirements of my grant?

  • The grant term is one calendar year beginning on the date of the award letter. Awardees will receive a check on a quarterly basis, the first at the beginning of the grant term.
  • Finalists for the third level of funding ($75,000-100,000) will travel to present at the VL 10th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles. All travel arrangements will be made by VL, including travel, lodging, and a per diem.
  • All funds are to be used specifically for the awarded project and according to the approved budget. Financial and summary updates will be required on a quarterly basis throughout the grant period. Institutions administering the grant will have to keep a financial record of grant expenditures.
  • Awardees must spend all of the award money during the grant term. Exceptions will be granted only in very unusual circumstances. Awardees should not assume extensions will be granted. If funds are not spent at the end of the grant term or permitted extension period, they must be returned.
  • Taxes will not be withheld. Indirect costs will be permitted at a maximum of fifteen (15) percent only if documented by the primary applicant’s sponsoring or affiliated institution or organization. Applicants’ budgets should allow for this.
  • Challenge winners are strongly encouraged to continue supporting their new tech tools or projects after completion of the grant period. Challenge winners are encouraged to raise additional funding from other sources for the long-term maintenance and support of their new tools, and to expand the tool’s use within the Latino community.

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