Voto LatinoDML Competition

How do I develop a budget?

Budgets should reflect the reasonable cost of developing and rolling out your proposed technology, including:

  • Personnel hours
  • Travel
  • Materials and supplies
  • Equipment
  • Other operating costs, such as IT
  • Estimated costs for marketing and roll-out

Allowable expenses include:

  • Personnel expenses such as staff work hours, salary, travel expenses, etc.
  • Expendable supplies such as printed materials, pens and pencils, etc.
  • Durable supplies or equipment which may be reused throughout the development of the proposed tech tool. Requests for funds to purchase durable supplies or equipment costing more than $20 per item must include a statement indicating where ownership of each item will reside once the purchase is made (individual or organization), and how the item is expected to provide continued benefit to the owner throughout the project development period. Examples include computers, programs/apps, equipment, etc.
  • IT support, such as additional internet or data costs. Such costs must be directly connected to the development of the proposed tech tool.

If your project involves any human subjects research or testing, you must also include funds for Institutional Review Board (IRB) review and approval.

Semi-finalists must also budget in their proposal for two trips they will make if their project is selected: one to Washington, D.C., and one to the San Francisco Bay Area. Challenge winners are also encouraged but not required to budget for and attend the 2015 Digital Media and Learning (DML) Conference, an annual conference of tech innovators and developers supported by the MacArthur Foundation.

Budgets and expenses are subject to audit by VL and HASTAC.

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